Link Length & Wiremap cabling tester for RJ45, RJ11, COAX links with Tone Tracer probe (ABI-TT1008STR)

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Link Length & Wiremap cabling tester for RJ45, RJ11, COAX links with Tone Tracer probe

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  • Link Length & Wiremap cabling tester for RJ45, RJ11, COAX links with Tone Tracer probe


Inverted wires, loose wires or short-circuited wires represent 95% of all common network cabling faults. This test set will allow you to identify and remedy most of these failures. The test set also allows a quite accurate measurement of each link’s length.
The test set consists of a main tester equipped with an LCD diagnostic display and a remote wiremap unit.
The main tester provides a test signal which is put in sequence on all the pins of the RJ45 or Coax jack and the proper correspondence with the pins of the remote wiremap unit is verified.
On the display one can see if the wires are properly connected, inverted, open circuit or short circuited. The length of each wire pair can be read from the display.
The different characteristics of different makes of cables can be taken into account by a calibration function: starting from a reference length of cable with known length, up to four different calibrations can be stored in memory and recalled when testing the specific brand or type of cable.

In addition, this test set comes with a tone tracer device. The main unit sends a beeping tone (scan) onto a RJ45, RJ11, USB or Coax cable. At the far end the cable with the tone signal can be identified in a bundle of cables by probing with the tone tracer probe, which will pick up the tone and amplify it when close to the cable. This is very handy when proper numbering of the cables in the bundle is lacking. An earpiece allows working in noisy conditions. The tracer probe is fitted with two LED lights to illuminate the working spot close up.

The test set is compatible with UTP, FTP, STP, F²FTP, telephone pairs and coaxial links
The master unit and the tracer probe are each powered by a 9V alkaline battery.
The test set comes in a handy carrying pouch.

Additional Information

AVAILABILITY: Product in stock
Gross Weight (kg/unit) 0.5500
Characteristics: Functionality:
RJ45: wiremap local & remote, link length, tone scan
RJ11: wiremap local, tone scan
USB: tone scan
Coax: wiremaplocal & remote, link length, tone scan
Cable length (max): 1-1000m
4 calibration memories
Unit: meter, foot, yard
Backlight display
Auto on/off timer
Testleads: RJ45-RJ45, RJ11-RJ11, RJ11-crocodiles
Carrying pouch with strap
Master unit, remote unit, tone tracer probe
9V batteries not included
Standards compliance: No
Dimensions: 23x13x8cm
Packaging: Pouch with carrying strap
Datasheet datasheet ABI-TT1008Sxx
Manual user manual ABI-TT1008Sxx
Application notes No
Software No
Keywords No